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Zoey & Artem are engaged!

It all started with an Instagram DM in November 2017.

“Hey lady, I don’t know you, but have watched you sing at Substance and have been following you here for quite some time.  I was just given tickets for a Christian Leadership conference for this coming Saturday in St Paul and you instantly came to mind for someone who I should give a ticket to.  I know you’re probably busy, but in the off chance you’re available, I have a ticket for you! I believe God put you in my heart today for a reason so I’m following the call.”

Turns out, Zoey wasn’t busy and she came with me to the conference.  And we worshipped and laughed harder than I had laughed in a long time and prayed and cried together.  And I knew she was a person I was meant to love all along.

Over the last year and a half, I’ve witnessed Zoey absolutely bloom into herself.  Along the way, she snagged Artem who was best friend, turned boyfriend (read more about the sweet ways they fell in love at Zoey’s blog here)

Artem reached out to me to ask if I’d be willing to photograph the moment he asked Zoey to marry him… and, much like her, I excitedly said yes 🙂  We met at Como Conservatory to plan the proposal for a Friday morning.

It unfolded perfectly. And they were meant to fall in love all along.
















Zoey & Artem are engaged!

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